Meet the Maker

Hi, I’m Janine. I’m a mother of two, and the creator of Studio Coop.

  • ♡ LOVE NOTES ♡

  • I'm so happy I discovered you at the Maker's Arcade! It was super great talking to you. And your earrings are so unique! I absolutely love love love my pieces and I wear them every chance I get.

    - Stephanie

  • These earrings are just too stinkin' cute. Beautiful colors and lovely details, and very easy to style with any outfit. The daisies are my favorite, I have a dress with a similar-ish print and they look fantastic together. You are so very talented!!

    - Dakota

  • I caved in and gifted two of your cute suncatchers to myself instead of someone else. Whoops! But they were just too pretty, I couldn't let em go. Totally can feel the love that went into these. I'll have to get her something else of yours instead. LOL!

    - Lauryn

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